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Airfoil Services: The logical solution

With two world-class MRO providers joining forces, the experience, competence and know-how of both joint venture partners – Lufthansa Technik and MTU Aero Engines – was brought together for the layout and construction of the new Airfoil Services factory as well as the development of repairs and processes.

The overhaul facility in Malaysia is new in every respect.
First, it embodies the best of the two leading German companies engaged in aircraft engine overhaul with regard to processes, technologies and tools, including a strong focus on quality and efficiency. Secondly, the new Airfoil Services factory features the most modern equipment available, with several state-of-the-art machines and processes being relocated from Germany to Malaysia. Finally, a new organizational structure for Airfoil Services ensured the integration of the most recent know-how in efficient factory layout and processes.

A company with a bright perspective.
The highly skilled workforce, the state-of-the-art repair methods and the innovative flow line principle make Airfoil Services one of the world’s leading centers of excellence in engine blade repair. At the same time, all measures have been incorporated to make Airfoil Services a long-term low cost facility. As part of MTU’s worldwide network of maintenance facilities and Lufthansa Technik’s EPAR (Engine Parts & Accessories Repair) product portfolio, this competence center will thus provide excellent services to both joint venture companies as well as other customers. Work is also under way to add further engine types to the portfolio, with the future product range expected to include other engine parts.

Certificates held by ASSB

  • EASA/Europe
  • CAAC/China
  • CAAS/Singapore
  • DCA/Malaysia
  • DCA/Thailand
  • DGCA/Indonesia