Top: Preparing the blades for ceramic peening process.

Right: HPC Blades ready to be delivered to the customer after final inspection process.

Center of excellence for engine parts repair

Engine blade repair and more.
Airfoil Services currently concentrates on repairing high-pressure compressor blades and low-pressure turbine blades using the most -advanced repair techniques such as high-velocity oxygen fuel erosion coating, a thermal process for coating CFM56 compressor blades. Another example is the Advanced Recontouring Process (ARP), which restores compressor blade performance using a robotic grinder.
Airfoil Services will continue to receive technical support from both MTU and Lufthansa Technik to maintain these and other high-technology processes at the top level of quality and efficiency.

Aircraft engines – making the most of a valuable investment.
With the price of engines and engine parts continuously increasing, the economic gains using repairs as an alternative to scrapping are huge. The competence of the joint venture partners guarantees, that this gain doesn’t show any downside.

High-pressure compressor and low-pressure turbine airfoils:

  • GE: CF6-50 & CF6-80C2
  • CFMI: CFM56 Series
  • IAE: V2500 A1/A5/D5/Select One