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11.02.2013 11:32 Age: 5 yrs

Airfoil Services (ASSB) Receives EASA approval for Engine Alliance GP7000 LPT (Low Pressure Turbine) Repairs.

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Airfoil Services (ASSB) has recently received EASA approval for the repair and overhaul of GP7000 LPT Blades.
With this approval, Airfoil Services is now the 1st and only repair shop in the world to be able to repair the GP7000 LPT blades.
This EASA approval was granted to ASSB on January 24th 2013 after an extensive audit done by EASA at ASSB’s facility in Malaysia.
ASSB is currently approved to conduct minor repairs for the GP7000 LPT and the extensive full repair work scope is expected to commence by July 1st 2013. The Engine Alliance GP7000 2 spool high bypass turbofan engine is the workhorse power plant for the Airbus A380 aircraft. It provides a maximum thrust of 81,500 lbf.