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15.06.2012 11:20 Age: 6 yrs

Airfoil Services receives CAAC Certification for CF6-80C2

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Due to a surge of requests for CAAC certification for CF6-80C2 repairs requested by customers of Airfoil Services (ASSB), CAAC China has validated and granted ASSB with the legal authority to issue CAAC certification for the CF6-80C2.  

Approval for CAAC certification was received in June for CF6-80C2 repairs inclusive of HPC Blades and Vanes and LPT blades.

This is in addition of the CAAC certification we have for the CFM56 series and V2500 series.

With this added approval, ASSB is expected to have a surge in growth for its CF6-80C2 repair volume as more customers seek to penetrate the booming aviation market in China.