MTU Aero Engines – Germany’s leading engine manufacturer

MTU Aero Engines engages in the development, manufacture, marketing and support of commercial and military aircraft engines in all thrust and power categories as well as industrial gas turbines.
Germany’s leading engine manufacturer is a technology leader in essential engine areas and an established global player in the industry. The company employs approximately 7,100 people overall. Headquartered in Munich, MTU has affiliates in all major markets and regions worldwide. The head office controls the global network of subsidiaries, the company’s maintenance business division as well as a wide range of research and development activities.

Competence in manufacturing and overhaul
As a business division of MTU Aero Engines, the MTU Maintenance group benefits from almost 100 years of experience in the development and manufacture of commercial and military aircraft engines at its -parent company. MTU decided over 26 years ago to enter the field of commercial aero engine maintenance. The company offers its customers comprehensive service packages and complete solutions for all popular engine types. Operating according to the principle repair rather than replace, MTU Maintenance shares a common goal with its customers, namely: minimizing maintenance costs per flight hour.
MTU Maintenance uses state-of-the-art technology and processes throughout its MRO maintenance approach. This includes flow lines, even for repairs, as well as fully automated machinery. This enables shorter turnaround times at highest quality standards. To support this goal, all technologies are under continuous development, resulting in a steady stream of innovative high-tech repair processes. With a large dedicated engineering workforce, MTU focuses on the development of unique high-tech proprietary DER repair solutions that are marketed under the MTUPlus brand.

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