ASSB Environmental, Health and Safety Policy

This document is a statement of ASSB’s Environmental, Health and Safety Policy and it establishes the framework for setting environmental, safety and health objectives and targets from the result of risk assessment that has been carried out.

The ASSB Management team and its employees committed in managing the environmental impacts of our products, activities and services and at the same takes care the safety, health and well being of a person who works directly or indirectly for ASSB.

The management team of ASSB and all its employees are committed to ensure the successful of the implementation by:

P =     Committed to PROTECT the environment and ASSB workers by encouraging 3R (reduce, reuse and recycle) and ensuring the safety, health and well being of the staff.

I =       Pursue CONTINUAL IMPROVEMENT in our environmental, health and safety management system, prevention of pollution and occupational incidents also in the reduction of resources consumption and unsafe condition and act in the facility.

J =     It is a JOINT RESPONSIBILITY between employers and employees where the implementation and effectiveness of this policy is through participation and involvement from all employees and advice and consultation from Environmental Management Representative(EMR) and the Environmental Health & Safety(EHS)  Committee.

L =      Comply with relevant environmental, safety and health LEGAL LEGISLATION, regulations and other requirements to which we subscribe.

O =     Review of the environmental, safety and health OBJECTIVES AND TARGETS through its periodic management review process

E =      EDUCATE, train and motivate employees who work directly or indirectly for ASSB to conduct their activities in an environmentally responsible manner by promoting environmental awareness among them. 

ISO 14001 Compliance Statement

In response to the growing need to identify and reduce the impact of our products have on the environment, ASSB's management team has committed to the investment and implementation of Environmental Management System for our repair facility.

Certification to the ISO 14001 standard demonstrates ASSB's commitment to proactively addressing our impact on the global environment.

ISO 14001 is the internationally recognized standard for Environmental Management Systems. The ISO 14001 standard seeks to synchronize valuable environmental principles and practices with a goal of helping companies determine the environmental issues associated with their activities, and to manage them successfully. While the standard does not contain specific performance requirements, it does include requirements for commitment to the prevention of pollution, as well as compliance with regulatory requirements. More importantly, it recognizes a companys positive impact on the environment, achieved through managed performance and continual improvement.

ASSB regards the ISO 14001 certification as an important step in developing its capability with respect to health, safety and environment (HSE) management, to achieve continual improvements and to protect the environment, its assets, employees, subcontractors and the communities around its operations.